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Olesya Nikintenko, Director of Retail Property Department at Accent Capital, takes part in the WEB Meeting of Retail Property Market Professionals organized by CRE Publishing House.

30 /04 2020

Another web meeting of experts of the retail real estate market was devoted to discussing the current situation related to downtime on the background of forced quarantine measures. This turned out to be a serious problem for both tenants and owners of shopping centers.

The participants of the WEB meeting "SC ON THE EDGE: chronicles of total isolation" were unanimous in the fact that there are no unified algorithms for resolving the situation of force majeure, and the only effective combination of solutions at the moment is common sense, rational thinking and the ability to negotiate.

Olesya Nikitenko, Director of Retail Property Department at Accent Capital, devoted her speech to relations with tenants. At the beginning she noted that the company will be ready to provide the final version of the reconstruction of the Sokolniki mall after the May holidays. The concept will reflect all the latest trends in retail real estate, taking into account the risks associated with the pandemic.

Olesya Nikitenko Director, Retail Real Estate

In her speech, Ms. Nikitenko noted that the possibility of providing discounts to tenants directly depends on the financial stability of the object. In case of crisis it is important to rely on pre-prepared stress scenarios - basic, optimistic and pessimistic, which are worked out together with the Risk Department. Ms. Nikitenko also described in detail possible scenarios that may arise during the quarantine period in the relations between the lessee and the landlord, the developer and the bank-lender.