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We offer the market’s most comprehensive, efficient and customer-focused expertise in managing commercial real estate investments.

Accent Capital provides the full range of commercial real estate investment management services - from investment strategy development and implementation, from asset search and acquisition through efficient commercial management and technical operations to direct exit. We offer efficient solutions to ensure maximum results.


We help our clients build confidence in the future by investing all our potential and experience in a systematic approach to commercial property investments, in-depth market research, responsible and efficient management of all investment cycle stages.


Professionalism for
consistent results

In all aspects of our work, we use only the best international practices, thoroughly think over and repeatedly check opportunities and risks to prevent even slightest mistakes and unforeseen problems. This enables us to identify and take advantage of investment opportunities that are not obvious to some investors. Our work resembles a comprehensive but perfectly tuned instrument that never lets you down.

Investment philosophy

Our mission is to help our customers create confidence in the future. We realize it by offering all the potential and experience gained to achieve our customers' professional and personal goals.

Alexander Samonov
Founder of Accent Capital

We have unique expertise in commercial real estate investment management in Russia  We are successful and we want to help our customer and partners do be successful to by investing together. We are ready to share our experience and expertise.

Alexander Samonov Founder and Head of Accent Capital
Alexander Samonov

Founder and Head of Accent Capital

Founder and Head of Accent Group since 2007. Previously co-owner and head of Kopeika retail chain. President of the Association of Retail Companies. 2003-2007: member of the Board of Directors of Uralsib Bank.

  1. Marina Kharitonova
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  3. Светлана Кузьмина
  4. Юлия Александрова
  5. Анастасия Корневич
  6. Anton Komarov
  7. Марина Коренман
  8. Елена Макарова
  9. Татьяна Бунова
  10. Rimma Shilova
  11. Ivan Melnik
  12. Irina Tsipes
  13. Dmitri Palshkov

Our brand

Competence breeds confidence. This is the essence of our brand. It is at the heart of what we do, it unites and guides us. Regardless of what situation we are in, what problem we are solving or who we are addressing — a colleague or a client, it allows us to remain consistent and confident in our decisions.

Launch of Accent Russia Opportunity Fund and placement of $300 million

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