We provide integrated Real Estate Investment Management services in office, retail and logistics sectors, targeting the formation of a final investment product that would meet the investor’s expectations and profile by offering assistance with asset acquisition, structuring, management and exit strategies.

We come up only with top-quality investments and liquid assets which we offer to potential investors, seeking risk-adjusted returns through multiple cycles.


Our property investment management offer includes the entire range of essential services.

At the stage of asset acquisition we:

  • carry out asset valuation and due diligence procedures;
  • develop a detailed asset management plan;
  • structure and support an asset acquisition transaction;
  • structure and create an optimal investment vehicle.

At the asset management stage we:

  • see to execution of the asset management plan;
  • organize Property and Facility Management;
  • manage the essential administrative processes (Finance, Accounting, Legal Management;
  • carry out integrated Investment Vehicle Administration;
  • manage relations with investors, partners and regulators (External Relations).

At the exit stage we:

  • look for interested buyers and market the asset;
  • structure and support the sale transaction;
  • allocate cash flows generated by asset sale;
  • trigger liquidation of the investment vehicle.
We also provide the following extra services:
  • debt fundraising;
  • restructuring of the current debt financing;
  • managing development projects.

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