We provide asset management services, assuming that the real estate investment fund is the most convenient, secure and cost-effective vehicle. For property investments in Russia we offer closed-end commingled funds (CEF) to both qualified and unqualified investors.

Using CEF as an investment vehicle and CEF shares as an exposure tool not only opens the property investment market to all types of investors, but also mitigates the investment risk, enhancing the legal security of investors. Investments via CEF are best regulated by legislation and the Bank of Russia, to favor investors who benefit from preferential taxation facilitating a more efficient allocation of investment flows.

ACCENT Group administers mutual investment funds through a special arm called ACCENT ASSET MANAGEMENT.*


Our real estate fund management service includes an entire range of investment management operations, such as:

At the asset acquisition stage we:

  • perform valuation and due diligence of assets to be acquired into a fund;
  • develop a detailed plan of the fund’s assets management;
  • structure and endow an investment fund;
  • structure and complete asset acquisition transactions.

At the asset management stage we:

  • administer the investment fund in its totality (Fund Administration);
  • implement an asset management plan, monitoring its execution;
  • organize commercial property management (Property Management), including technical and infrastructural operation of facilities (Facility Management);
  • perform operating and administrative management (Finance, Accounting, Legal Management);
  • manage relations with investors, partners and regulators (External Relations).

At the exit stage we:

  • look for a buyer and market the fund’s assets;
  • support asset sale transactions;
  • allocate cash flows generated by sale;
  • carry out the investment fund closure procedure.
We also provide the following extra services:
  • debt fundraising;
  • Managing development projects (Project Management).

Want to know more?

In response to your inquiry, we’ll send you information about the company, current investment and asset management opportunities in the commercial real estate market.

* ACCENT ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC operates under license No. 21-000-1-01009 authorizing it to carry out activities associated with the management of investment funds, commingled funds and non-state pension funds. The license is granted by the Bank of Russia on August 21, 2017. You can receive detailed information on the activities of the management company, commingled funds, and learn more about the rules of fiduciary management of commingled funds and other documents stipulated by Federal Law No. 156-FZ, dated 29.11.2001, On Investment Funds and Regulations on the procedure and time for the disclosure of information related to the activities of joint-stock investment funds and management companies of commingled funds, as well as to the content of disclosed information as per Order No. 05-23 / pz-n of the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FFMS) of Russia, dated June 22, 2005 – by visiting the office of ACCENT ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC at 2, Barykovsky per., room 25, Moscow 119034; by phone: +7 (495) 230-01-00; on the website www.accent-am.ru, or, in cases provided for by the law of the Russian Federation, in the periodical Bulletin of the Federal Service for Financial Markets. The cost of investment shares may increase or decrease; the results of investing in the past do not determine future revenues; the state does not guarantee any return on investments in investment funds; you should carefully examine the rules of fiduciary management before buying an investment share (unit).