We offer commercial property management (Property Management) as an independent service for clients investing on their own or through their investment managers.

Organizing effective Property Management is the most important precondition for managing commercial property investments. We offer our customers the best price-quality ratio (value for money), also striving to organize the most efficient and comfortable commercial property operation process for the property owner, tenants, their clients and consumers.

Property management services are provided by ACCENT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, part of ACCENT Group.


We provide the following services as part of integrated commercial property and facility management.

Successful and professional marketing forms the basis of the entire property operation process. The marketing management includes:

  • development of (or review/correction) of the current Brand-concept;
  • development and implementation of a comprehensive property marketing plan;
  • development and implementation of a property promotion program;
  • organization of advertising campaigns and current promotional activities.

The range of services for ensuring effective engagement with tenants to bolster liquidity, incoming flows and property capitalization includes:

  • assessing the efficiency of using the premises and suggesting their better use;
  • floor space brokerage and supporting the rotation of tenants;
  • monitoring the rent payment and fulfillment of lease obligations;
  • checking the use and repair of premises by tenants.

As part of facility management, we address the problems of uninterrupted and appropriate operation as well as security, including the following amenities provided at the facility:

  • all MEP and IT systems and equipment;
  • routine repair and emergency response;
  • interior and exterior cleaning, security, access and traffic control;
  • parking and client services (information and reception);
  • Monitoring the compliance with the technical, fire and environmental safety standards.

Due support of all operational processes related to commercial and operational facility management using legal support, planning, accounting and control procedures includes:

  • financial management and accounting (budgeting and fiscal planning, treasury functions and controlling, accounting and reporting, internal and external audit);
  • legal support (supporting transactions, legal procedures, disputes, preparation of legal documents, monitoring and review of relevant regulations);
  • managing paper flow (document and information exchange, storage and protection, keeping paper and electronic databases).
We also provide the following extra services:
  • debt fundraising;
  • restructuring of the current debt financing;
  • managing development projects (Project Management).

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